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We, at Cielo Costa, are a team of passionate technical and business problem-solvers. We continuously create and deliver real value and strive in making a big difference within business. We are a thoughtful, integral and supportive network of team players who always remain engaging, energetic and most importantly fun, because we love what we do and those whom we do it for.

Like our principal consultant Ben Weeks says: “If you want to catch the train, you prepare and arrive at the platform nice and early!”. We use the latest and cutting-edge technologies, getting ready for and adopting them well ahead of becoming mainstream. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, bots, augmented and mixed reality, you name it, we are already learning it, researching it and deploying solutions with it.

So, we are looking for people who share our thoughts, passions, diversity, and open-mindedness when taking on tough problems and who are not afraid of a challenge and that are willing to join our dynamic, growing team. By using our global team of dedicated, reliable and experienced people, we are making businesses more efficient by partnering them with technology – if you want to be part of this, join us.



Piotr Michalak

“My forte is to use my skill set in creating the highest quality software for clients. I am able to learn new coding functions that add to programming knowledge which I have been able to achieve while working at Cielo Costa.

I work from my home in Poland and enjoy the fact I can communicate, chat and see my team on a daily basis online. I have colleagues in the UK, India and in Singapore and we work so seamlessly together.”


“I love being involved in new ventures and building an awesome team that make use of the latest technologies to help companies with their key goals. Cielo Costa has helped me be part of a variety of client projects that have built a unique and challenging portfolio of products.

I encourage problem solvers to join our technological team to help us learn, endeavour, innovate, and solve business challenges.”

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Steve Tyack.jpg

Steve Tyack

“The best thing about working for Cielo Costa is the relationship we have with our customers, built on honesty and always trying to go the extra mile to deliver the best solutions where possible. Working for Cielo Costa allows me to deliver solutions on the latest cutting edge technologies improving the way our clients work by driving collaboration and increasing productivity which allows them to reach their goals even quicker.”


“We want to create a real sense of partnership when working with our clients. For that partnership to take place, we have to be a true connected and solid team ourselves.

Our creativity, problem solving and passion for technology is formidable, coming up with platform based solutions while taking every opportunity customising outside-of-the-box results. Having a team that can help participate with these challenges makes us much more valuable to any business.

We are inviting creative, technical and energetic individuals, where ever they are in the word, to join us on our journey of discovery and developing deep client partnerships.”

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HOW TO apply

To meet with one of the team and talk about a career at Cielo Costa, fill in the online form below. Once we have received the information, we can have an informal chat with you over Skype. If things progress and it looks like you will be a good fit to our dynamic team, we will invite you for an interview. From there… well lets not get carried away, fill in the form and at least start from here:

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